Warning for Trans Youth in Southern Ontario

Avoid Dr. Kenneth Zucker of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto. He will not help you in any way and upon asking many invasive, disrespectful, and irrelevant questions, he will suggest you undergo “reparative therapy” to “fix” you (pictured above). When he finishes writing his “report”, which can take months, he will refer to you in an extremely dehumanizing manner that makes you out to be some kind of oddity (eg “He seems very interested in having breasts.”) and he will not respect your gender or use the correct pronouns whatsoever. Not only that, but when he requests your report cards and school pictures (???) he will really take his time in giving them back when you ask him to. Good luck contacting him outside of an appointment, too, as he very rarely, if ever, responds to emails or phone calls. He has stated he considers trans women a “bad outcome of gay men.” Don’t waste your time with this transphobic piece of shit.

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View report from Center for American Progress here

Find links to the Full report from Movement Advancement Project here 


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Everything you wanted to know about transgender people but were afraid to ask. 

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A thing that bothers me.



You ever have a stranger meet your pet? With many animals, their sex isn’t obvious, so unless you give them a hint, or the stranger goes out of their way to look up your pet’s behind, they have about a 50% shot of getting it right when making casual conversation.

Which means that, when hanging out and strangers meet an animal I’m chillin’ with, the animal is frequently misgendered.

Now, this is no biggie! I kinda doubt the animal cares, and it doesn’t hurt me any. Pets’ genders are really more just a human construct that we project onto them.

But see, the people get so embarrassed if I bother to correct them. They may blush or get flustered, and they apologize sincerely. They then use the animal’s correct pronouns without fail, and immediately fix the way they construct that animal’s gender.

However, when I’m chillin’ with a friend of mine who is genderqueer or trans and non-passing, if people interacting with said friend get corrected about their pronouns, they don’t have the same reaction at ALL. They often continue to misgender the person, no matter how many times they’re corrected, and if confronted about this will whine that it’s just too hard to remember.

What it comes down to is that people have more respect for the gender and dignity of a goddamn golden retriever than for a human being.




Transgender & Genderqueer identities page from the GENDER book

Hey Boston, how’s the research going? Remember, as you’re learning about all of these identities, that they are only the tip of the iceberg. It’s okay to identify simply as transgender, as a mix of those identities, none at all, genderqueer like me, or make up something that fits you better! 

Bigender describes those who alternate between two distinct gender roles. May be crossdressers or drag performers.

Intergender describes those who identify between the traditional masculine and feminine genders.

Ambigender describes those who identify to some degree with both the masculine and feminine genders

Genderfluid describes those whose gender behavior and presentation changes depending on the situation or their mood. 

Pangender describes those who identify with all the genders.

Polygender describes someone who identifies with many (though not all) of the genders.

Agender describes those who identify with having no gender or a neutral gender. They may present androgynously or seek to make their bodies more gender-neutral to match their identity. Sometimes also called neutrois.

Third gender describes those who identify with a (often non-Western) gender that is neither masculine nor feminine. See “gender across cultures” on page 6 for more!

Genderqueer describes those whose identities fall outside of the widely accepted gender binaries. Many of the identities [above] could also be described as genderqueer.

They have a great diversity of expression and presentation. An individual who identifies as genderqueer could display few gendered cues to many (potentially conflicting) ones. It’s not really about how they look, though. What genderqueer individuals all share is a nonconforming gender identity and an opposition to gender systems that they perceive as strict or limiting.

ed note: We affirm that labels are starting points for further conversation. A single word can never encapsulate a whole person. You probably have lots of intersecting identities that only scratch the surface of who you are. Gender is one part - what are some others? 

We humbly acknowledge the limited scope of these pages. If you don’t see your identity words here, we empower you to tell us so we may include it in the final version!


(cc) the GENDER book project. in progress snapshot presented for community editing and feedback. Please direct all notes to or comment using disqus on the original post to ensure your voice gets heard. Thanks!

Just a little reminder that gender is not a binary.  Handy little group of definitions too, for any of our followers struggling with their gender identity.  And it was nice that they acknowledged the list is a start, not an end, point, and that we are so much more than just our gender, whatever that may be.

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Republican legislators in Arizona are attempting to pass legislation that forces transgender people to only use public restrooms, dressing rooms and showers associated with the gender listed on their birth certificate. According to the Associated Press, conservative lawmakers are proposing the legislation in response to a human rights bill passed by the city of Phoenix which prohibits gender identity discrimination in public accommodations. (via Arizona bill would jail transgender people for using the ‘wrong’ bathroom | The Raw Story)

ugh, is there any way to petition against this? >:(


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Photographed on the March 3rd photo day in DC. 

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This is so awful it makes me feel physically sick

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